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Driving to my son's house to see new grandbaby ... Ventura to Livermore, Ca. ... about 300 miles. Get 2 blocks from his house and the car just quits running ...I mean no sputter, no cough, no hesitaion ... like some one just reached over and turned off the key. The car is a '92 400e with 114k on the odo. About 10 miles before it quit we were out in the boonies and ran the gas supply down to within a gallon of empty, I finally got to a staion and filled up ... drove some 6-7 miles and did a full exceleration pass of a slower SUV on a rural 2 lane ... flawles. 2 -3 miles further maintaining a constant rate of speed about 45MPH and it just quit. Attempts to restart ... it turns over strongly but will not fire. I replaced the fuel filter this morning ... no change.

Any suggestions ??
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