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Is the pulley from Code3 just ligher or is it different in diameter too?

Reliability wont change at all with a lighter pulley unless its a cheap no name brand, all it will change really is the speed at which the engine increases in revs and it will "increase" economy/MPG all due to less rotational inertia..... unless you go for a smaller diameter pulley, but thats a whole other kettle of fish and alot more fun

But honestly, a lighter pulley will only really net you about 5hp max and a fraction of a MPG better and cost alot more... the rest of the hp comes from getting the car tuned again they do go out of tune eventually. The real changes come when u mess with the diameters of pulley, that WILL change the boost pressure and with a change in boost pressure your reliability drops unless you make sure the engine can handle the extra boost/heat produced. But as was said before, more power = less reliability and economy.
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