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Originally Posted by gasmanstl View Post
......Could you please tell me what BAS and ASR mean?
BAS = Brake Assist System. To put it simply, it's a system meant to counteract the natural tendency of most drivers to get off the brakes when ABS kicks in during a panic stop. Regardless of the braking force applied to the pedal, BAS will momentarily apply full pressure, via the vacuum booster, during a panic stop, even if the driver releases the brake pedal. It makes such little difference IMHO, that you won't even know it's there. I've never been able to detect a BAS intervention, even though I've tried many times.

ASR = Anti-Skid/Slip Regulation. This is the one most people wish they could turn off. Without ASR, you'd be able to burn the rear tires off the rims, especially on your car.

ESP = Electronic Stability Program. This system can apply, or release the brakes at the individual wheels, depending on the situation. This feature can keep a driver from getting sideways, or from understeering.

These systems have evolved into Senso-Tronic Brake Control, or SBC, but we really don't need to go there!!! The latest system is the Adaptive Brake system, or ABR. It's works kind of like SBC, but without the headaches.
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