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Originally Posted by gasmanstl View Post
What really galls me is the fact that, when I'm depending on the oomph of the engine to be there when I mash on the pedal, it is deprived of me. I'm not sure what ASR is...I'm an ESP newbie. I just hate all of this, to be honest. I would like a CAR, with BRAKES, and STEERING, and NO @#$%^&* mind of its own. I'm smart enough to pilot my own vehicle without the aid of a damn computer, and I resent the fact that my car thinks it has better judgement than me. I've gotten along just fine all of these years without a car that thinks.

It's frankly dangerous when I've decided to make a quick move, depend on the power to be there, and then the car decides I really don't need it. It about caused someone to hit me the other day. ESP is *dangerous.*

I almost went to a classic auto store and bought a REAL car, with a 454, and a *carburetor,* and *breaker points,* instead of this MB. I do like the car, but I just hate all of this electronic stuff.
You seem like the perfect prospect not to buy the car you just bought.
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