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Talking Fluctuation in Idle Speed

I have a idling problem where there is a significant change in idle speed Up & Down but after about 5 minutes it levels out. I have a 1973 280 SEL 4.5 Fuel Injected engine. This problem started out of the blue and I'm Freaked! At this point in time it has progressed to idling very rough & sputtering. To me it seems to be either a vaccum or some sort of switch malfunction, but I can't find any info on where to start. When I just had the idle fluctuation, I could not regulate the accelerator because it seemed to stick and the RPM's were very high and I had to actually pull back on the gas peddle to slow it down. It seemed like it wanted to take off on it's own. I haven't driven it in about a year because it was too dangerous. I replaced the Ignition Wires, Plugs, Points, Condenser & Checked the Timing and everything as far as I know was in spec. Like I said, this came out of nowhere. I used a dwell meter to set the point gap but I can't find out anywhere what the specification is in thousanths (Just to get an idea of what it should be manually). If you would please help me figure out where to start to trouble-shooting I woud appreciate it.
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