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could be because the Euro front turn signal has a 2-prong connector and that the US version is 3-prong.

the Euro front parking lights are situated in the main headlamp reflector, while the US version has it in the turn signal unit, acting as a clearance light. Furthermore, the US version has a reflector on the side of the turn signal lens while the Euro version does not.

the US rear lamp has an extra bulb that acts as a clearance lamp on the side of the turn signal, which is turned on when the parking lamps or headlamps are turned on. Furthermore, there is also a red reflector on that side of the lens, through which the clearance lamp shines. I have a picture of a rear Euro lamp that does not have both the clearance light, nor the said refector.

the Euro rear lamp also has the foglamp activated (on the driver's side), while in the US version, the connector (and wiring) is not even there.

the above are based on my 190e, and could very well apply to your 126.
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