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HMMMM, sounds like you own a double over head cam-6 (104 series engine).If it's head gasket hasn't spewed a bunch of oil into your cooling system yet, don't worry,,,it will. They all do eventually, there have been many head gasket "updates" on this engine. How many miles are on it, how far are you out of warranty? A dealer I do alot of business with admits to having set aside funds (and a tech dedicated only to this problem) for "goodwill warranty purposes" because so many owners have been p!$$%@ off due to head gasket leaks. I'm sorry guys, I have been around these cars all of my life (both my Dad and Grandfather werembz techs) and I've been working on them for 18 years, and I have never been so disappointed in any design as I am in this "early jag wannabe cylinder head gasket". This is not the type of product I expect from the best autombile manufacturer in the world! They blew it and they know it,but have done very little to inform the unsuspecting public! I have seen too many examples of well maintained, unabused cars start spewing for no good reason and it ticks me off! I'm sorry if I offend anyone who thinks mbz can do no wrong, but I call it as I see it and I bet you that most techs who work on alot of these cars agree with me. I'm not saying that that particular series of engine is bad or doesn't run well, what I'm saying is that it has a flaw that the factory is well aware of and it should not be up to the customer to pay for the factories screw-ups.Well, I'll get off my soapbox now.

ooops 103 engine- can you tell I had a long day?

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