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Ok I agree whit all what u say, and as I said my car moded in an other way. I have to knobs that I turn to adjust timing and fuel enrichment. Now the best set up on my car was with a little more fuel and a lot more timing advance, I had the R-16 on max setting and from there on I would advance more.
Now I think powerchip did the same, so it can be just a set of fixed resistance values that would offset timing and fuel in the same way mine was done. Powerchip did mention that the ecu had to be given to their technician to have it moded.

any way I know for a fact that it did improve the car’s performance. In the end its proly something any one who has good knowledge of how those cars work can do, with similar results.

and no it didnt cost me 990 Ausd but more like 400 + usd thou who did it used to charge a bit more for it.
i am not trying to claim anything here, just that my car was faster than ur stock w124 M103, and again check the several vids i had back then
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