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I am not sure making a fuel distributor diagnosis is easy, but I can tell you that very few shops have the dedicated tool for evaluating one: a differential flow meter. picking a single cylinder out that is misfiring should be easy and eliminating the injector by replacing with new should be the diagnostic next step for those without proper testing equipment.

The real hard part is knowing what would have happened if the first shop had been given the go ahead. Getting the call right in the first place can be risky without expensive diagnostic time. If the calculated risk says the dist then if the call is made and if its wrong then it should be removed after the proper fix is finally discerned. Depending on how much was spent on the first diagnosis determines the value received. If the diagnosis was paid for then it was a poor value. If it wasn't paid for, you know what they say.

I'll guarantee that perfect diagnostics are hard to find. The real value is finding someone who will do whats necessary to find the problem and only charge for that which was truely necessary.

All you found out about that shop is that they made a mistake.
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