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Re: In-dash CD for '99 C43?

Hi, this is Cleeve Morrison with La Jolla Audio Repair; San Diego,Ca. I can't answer your question on the indash CD unit at this time but I can tell you that I have modified many Mercedes factory radio's for allowing DIRECT input of XM radio. Of course, the factory radio will not display the information on the channel being listened to but you use the seperate control that comes with the XM system for that. The modification that I do allows for direct input of the XM radio into the main audio control of the factory radio. Thus you get the best quality, which is close to CD quality, with automatic switching. You lose nothing from your factory radio. When you choose XM radio with the controller it automatically switches the source inside the radio to allow XM radio to be sent to the amplifing section. When XM is not being used your factory radio will perform as it always has. The nice thing about the way I do it is that it doesn't require replacing the radio thus keeping the car original. This proceedure can be done on all factory units from the mid 70's on up to present day. Let me know if you would like something like this done. Just call me at (858)373-0596 Mon-Fri 9:00 - 5:30 (PST)

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