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Alain.....Be assured your comments about
Mercedes Benz not having a "quality" product
in the 90's in absolutely "on the money". I
too have loved these cars for over 20 years
and have owned maybe 10 MB during this time.
These include 240D, 300D, 300SD, 300SDL, and
recently, 350SDL. The 80's cars were far
superior, especially before 1986. After that, the decline started (in quality). Look
at the 350 SD/SDL. There was nothing but
trouble with these engines. My local MB dealer will NOT even sell one of these, no
matter how low the mileage. Why? Because I
was told they gave so much trouble. I owned
a 91 350SDL;nothing but trouble (head gasket,
bent rods, high oil usage). I sold it and
returned to a 300SD (dependable,well engineered). As you said, one must have owned these cars over the many years to be
objective in realizing the 90's products from
MB is a joke when one is looking for a trouble free well engineered machine. BTW, my
300SDL began "it's" troubles at only 62,000
miles;I bought it NEW.
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