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My car has gotten to the point now where it will almost never start on the first try when the engine is cold. I go to start it the first time, and nothing. The second time I try to start it, it starts right up with no problems at all.

Is this something to worry about? I did review the article regarding leaky fuel injectors, but I don't think that's my problem. I had leaky injectors in my old Buick, and I had a strong fuel smell around the car and especially in the interior when the vents were on -- those gas fumes were definitely coming into the cabin of the car. I also noticed that the car was missing, especially when I would accelerate at a stop light. I had had to be very judicial with the acclerator, or the engine would die. I have had no problems like this with the Mercedes.

I don't care that it takes 2 tries to start it -- once it starts, it's running great. I'm just wondering if I need to worry about this. When the engine is warm and I try to start it, no problems. It starts right up.

Any suggestions or comments?
As always, Thanks for your time everyone!

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