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Question The Blinker Connection??

Today I noticed something not cool at all. My left blinkers seem to be shorted with the reverse lights, and the brake lights.

I first noticed it when the left blinker in the dash starts glowing greenish (not fully lit, however very dimly lit) when I hit the brakes. When the car stops, brake depressed, and the left blinker is switched on, the blinker would blink a little slower than usual.

Now when I put it in reverse, brakes depressed, the left blinker in the dash glows even brighter! almost fully lit.

The problem goes away every now and then. Do I have shorted wires somewhere? Could it just be a fuse problem (wishful thinking ). I'm going to look at the fuses tomorrow.

However, I think I'm looking at something bigger than that.

Any ideas?

2008 BMW 335i Coupe
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