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Robert Boyer
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W126: 2 immediate problems


Have '88 420 SEL that was running like a top, with 173K on the meter.

Over the past 2 days, have developed 2 unrelated problems. Before I go crazy with unnecessary labor costs, and troubleshooting in the dark, perhaps someone can assist me:

1. A/C blower fan: I had last complained that my fan was blowing, but that it would only blow in the defrost (not middle) vents. Steve correctly advised it was a vacuum problem. I found an unconnected hose, and - shazaam - it blew correctly. The problem now is: the speed of the fan, and that it sometimes will not go on. I.E., it blows somewhat slow - and gets slower while making some light hum as the drive wears on. Then, when I start up again, it may not go on at all for awhile. Could it be an overheating fuse? Anyone have any advice? And if the motor is binding, how can I get to it for lubrication and/or cleaning? I'd like to try something without having to replace the whole thing.

2. My engine is running rough in low rpms. Smooths out fine above about 1800 rpm, but below, runs rough - and sounds more gutteral. I'm thinking it might be a fouled plug ror wire cap, or perhaps a dirty injector or fuel filter, 'cause it seems to have happened almost overnight. Revving the engine doesn't clear it. Any thoughts? Also, seems to have lost some get up and go in the lower ranges. As a hint, perhaps, I can say that my driving patterns have changed lately. Sometimes I go for 4-5 days without running the car at all.
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