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Originally Posted by DieselAddict View Post
I agree, but tax cuts are not a cure-all. If they were, we could have solved this situation a long time ago.
Getting the government out of running a mortgage business would have been a good move, too. See, the government is great for regulating business. As it should, and do so strictly and fairly without favorite industries. But gov is piss-poor for running business, as it has proven in an unblemished string of failures.

When government both runs and regulates a business it is under the same corrupting influences as any other business that tries self-regulation within the same chain of command. Worse, gov at the top has been experimenting with social engineering for the past 50 years as it wages an expensive and losing "War on Poverty."

So when the gov sets the laws that govern the business with the profit as secondary and runs the business as a social agency and manages the regulators it should come as no surprise when the gov totally focks it all up.
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