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Brian K
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Anyone Know of TSB for C240 Ignition Switch?

I am about to take my '01 C240 in for its first service.

It has an intermittent problem: Sometimes when you start the car, the car will start and run fine, except the interior electrics (the entire dash, gauges, lights, radio, windows, etc) remain dead! Also, when this happens, one of the electric engine cooling fans goes full blast (really noisy!).

If you turn the car off and restart, it goes back to normal.

I'd like them to address this issue at the service. But my concern is that since they won't be able to replicate it (it only does it once every couple of months), they won't do anything.

I've heard there may be a TSB for the electronic ignition switch. That would be helpful to point out.

Any other thoughts?

(PS. They keys have already been replaced with the updated keys. It had the problem above with both the old and the new keys).

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