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Alon, tried tightening bolt

Alon, I tightened the bolt, and then i torqued the wheels to 90 ftlbs. The sqealing was still there, but the abs didnt kick in, so it fixed it for about a day.

The pulsating and the sqealing is still there. The rotors in the front have a little lip, hardly noticible. The pads are fairly new (2k miles), but I did not change the rotors when I changed the pads.

Do you have any other ideas for this problem?

If I buy new rotors and pads, what is your recommendation?

The rears seem pretty good still, should I replace the rotors and pads all the way around.

What are your new suggestions?

Also, my W123 brakes are squealing. No abs problems because I dont have ABS, any suggestions for that. I have cleaning pads for front and rear for the W123 too.


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