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Steve, i got a 89 560sl had it for some time now, never did anything to it. last week i recieved asome parts i got from fastlane, so started working on it, cables rotor dist cap plugs, fuel pumps an filter, i got the cd too but kind of hate it, do you know of any one making paper books for my car?, wath is the gap for the plugs?. The car allegedly has 67000milles, now the odo is of way off, the spedoo works good but the odo is runnig maube a t 40% of wath the real speed is, I was tinking about taking the cluster out, now reading this post, does the 560 have a mecanical oil pressure gage!!!, it looks like the wheel has to come of, any tricks? I was planing on changing my trany fluid, would mobil syntetic fluid work, or should i just leave it alone.

89 560SL
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