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Originally Posted by Botnst View Post
You wouldn't believe how wrong you are concerning the 1920's and 1930's. The government has been tightening its noose around the necks of business and private ownership of wealth since 1784.

In the post WWI era the Republicans raised huge tariffs to protect domestic production from "unfair" foreign competition. In response, foreign countries raised huge tariffs to protect their own products. Worldwide the governments raised tariffs which precipitated the Great Depression. Look up "Smoot-Hawley" for an explanation of events.

Then when FDR came into office he raised gov spending and created socialist spending programs in the USA. Businesses collapsed, tax receipts plummeted, exports slowed and commerce slowly ground to a halt and then began shrinking until Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo pulled the world from the downward economic spiral and into the all-consuming fire of war.
So you wanna go back to the 1700's? I certainly don't. Maybe moving to an Amish community would bring you some of those pleasures.

The economy collapsed before FDR came to office. You have your timeline upside down.
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