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86 560 sel a/c problems

I've been writing in about engine fumes coming ito the cabin w/ no results on a find yet. One thing I have noticed is the venting system in general seems to be off whack, blowing heat when outside temps are hot and a/c SHOULD be on , and you can hear the vent doors opening and closing intermittently ( and engine idle speed changes also when this is happening )when I dont think they should be, basically an uncontrollable ac/heat system. For the heck of it I sealed off the vent by the hood/windshield ,plugged the drain tubes ( I guess thats what they are,) which come out on either side of the car in the front wheel wells, and even with the recirc button engaged I still am getting fumes in to the car ONLY when sitting at an idle.There are NO holes in the floorboards or back seat area Are there any other points of entry I'm missing ? This is starting to drive me nuts. Is it dealer time ?????
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