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Most 400e's have bad wiring harness on the throttle actuator, so I take it you are replacing it. To remove, remove air filter housing, uplug throttle actuator, unplug air mass meter. Loosen clamp on air mass meter (7mm) . Remove Mass meter. There is a boot for the air mass meter that rips sometimes you might want to replace it now. Remove the other clamp on throttle actuator that holds this boot on , remove boot. Pop the linkage off of the side of the actuator, disconnect the spring but dont let it come off of the backside of intake. Remove the 4 (5) allens in the actuator. You will have to turn the actuator differant angles to remove it. Replace gasket also on bottom. ( i take some adhesive and spray the gasket and then stick it to the actuator when going back together so it stays in place) You need to leave the key on for 5 minutes or so after replacing actuator so it can learn its closed throttle stop.
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