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Thumbs up Boost Control Install!!

I just finished installing a boost controller that I bought from Dawes. I heard about them here and I came in yesterday. Everything needed to install it I got from Home Depot. I also got an Autometer Boost Gauge that I installed in the Glove Box area. I got the idea from 'speedy300d'. I took it one step further though. I made some templets out of cardboard for a panel. I then took the templets to TAP Plastics and they cut out a panel out of ABS plastic. It is textured so it looks like a dash board is supposed to. I also put a power output next to it. I left the ashtray door frame attached and just removed the ashtray itself. Like you do when you empty it. (I don't smoke, BTW ) Then I just got some industrial velcro and atachet the panel on the sides so no screws are needed or showing. I'll try to get a picture posted. If I don't say so myself, it looks good. I set the boost at 13psi and adjusted the alda about half a turn out and WOW! what a difference. I originally was at 7.5 psi max. No, it just flys at high speed. I highly recomend this mod.
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