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Forgot to mention that you'll need to unscrew a few things before doing anything else on the door panels: the arm rests have two #3 phillips head screws, the chrome pieces surrounding the lock mechanism, and the unlatching lever has a small phillips screw underneath the black plastic liner behind the latch. Carefully pry the plastic liner out with a small flat blade screw driver to reveal the phillips head screw.

Also, there is a plastic liner between the panel and the metal part of the door - this is a moisture barrier and needs to be in place. If damaged, either fix with tape or make a replacement out of a large trash bag. Otherwise, water will ruin the door panel.

Here at FastLane you can order the diaphragms and maybe the tool. My tool is Snap-On, but you may be able to find one at a local auto parts store (NAPA has lots of tools, Pep Boys, Auto Zone, O'Reillys, etc.), make some calls to find one.

Good Luck!
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