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If you are looking for the exact color of your car to purchase touch up paint, there is a paint number under the hood, on a metal plate, usually found by the hood latch area, by the radiator. Using this number you can call a dealership make sure they have the color you need.

Touchup is almost an art form. I do it, but only when it is warm out, not hot (the car or the ambient temperature) and no wind. It is better to apply a little and go back then trying to do it all at once. With most cars they are metallic with a clear coat, so the touch up kit will have both. First fill in the color let dry and then do the clear.

Shake the paint bottles a lot. Then shake them some more. It is good to try and match the paint temp to the temp of the car.

It is best to experiment in an area where it won't show easily, like under the front bumper. Take your time. Be calm.

I have found that the brushes that are attached to the caps are not the greatest. Sometimes a clean smooth toothpick or even a large needle is better. The paint tends to run easily if it is fresh.

My goal has always been to try achieve an almost invisible repair. Sometimes it goes well. Sometimes not. Do one chip at a time. Did I say take your time and be calm.

Have a smooth rag handy, not a bath towel type. If you screw up and you are quick, you can remove a problem.

Once you are done, the ideal thing to do is to use little pieces of tape and isolate the touch area and use a "little" polish and then your favorite wax.

I have found that a car that has paint that is well cared for chips less and is more resilient.

Hope this helps.
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