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Smile Updated! 124 R suspension sag ....

I previously posted about how the rear of my '91 300E was low, especailly with passengers and so I replaced the rear springs. I got the spring from here. After the installation, the rear managed loads better, not as much bottoming- out as before, but the rear ride height is down. The car feels better, but it definitely is still a bit of an "ass sitter" with any kind of load in the rear.

I am now wondering about two things:

1. Would worn rear links in any way contribute to this?
2. The springs were replaced by taking apart each side of the suspension. That is taking off the rear wheels, putting jacks under the outside by the hub, taking the bolt out, removing the spring and then reversing the process. Did I contribute to the lower rear ride height by this?
BTW, the original spring collar/rubber isolator was retained. It has been suggested that I now change the front collar/rubber to bring the front down, but this bothers me.

Could I have gotten the wrong set of springs? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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