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reversed jumper cables when jumping battery, now engine wont shut off.

I was in a real big hurry to jump start my 1985 mercedes benz 300D. L5 3.0L diesel, 123.133.
i accidentally reversed the jumper cables. there was a bit of a spark. but the car started up a ran great with no problems after that. but when i went to shut the car off, the ignition system shut off, but the engine kept running. so i took off the fuel line and let it run out of fuel. when i needed to start it up again the next day. it started after a few cranks to re-gain fuel pressure, it ran great again. but it still only shut off the ignition, not the engine. the engine kept running. this time i shut the engine off by cutting off the air to it. now the engine wont start at all.
i am thinking that at first the fuel shut off valve was just stuck in the on position. then when i put my hand over the air intake, it might have jolted the valve into the off position. but how could that be when the valve is vacuum operated? not electrical. or could it really be just the fuel shut off valve. because when i try to start it, it just turns over with no trouble, but wont start as if its not getting any fuel.
what could i have fried when i reversed the cables to make this happen? my email is

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