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Originally Posted by PoisenSkull View Post
thank you for all your advice. much appreciated.
when i try to start the engine up again, all the ignition is working. even the glow plug light. and it turns over normal. but not enough to start. i could check and see if the battery isnt putting out enough juice.
i also checked all the fuses, and they are all ok.
there is a big mess of vacuum tubes to check out, i will check them out in the morning, see whats where.
i will try the primer pump as well. last time i tried it, it sounded like bubbles coming up in the fuel tank or something. how much should i really pump it?
i will try everything. and get back to you after the weekend.
im still learning with this car. it has saved me hundreds running on WVO. so im still putting effort to get it running for spring.
Since you are running WVO, and not knowing the type of setup your car has, is it possible you fried an electrical component in the WVO system. I know some cars have two tank systems, one tank systems, and home made systems, so I am only taking a stab in the dark......good luck
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