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Your strut rod support may be called alot of different names, caster rod mounts, caster buckets, caster strut rod support.
At the front lower control arms is a rod that attaches to a double mount assebly by a threaded rod. This rod is also your caster adjustment when doing a wheel alignment. This is a very common repair for that body style. Their are two ways to do it, one is to remove the strut rod support and just replace it. Second is to pound/press out the old caster support, clean up the hole (air chisel or whatever) then lube and pound the new unit in. Their is a repair kit for this that includes new hardware also. Then your wheel alignment must be done. This is a good time to check tir rods, drag link, steering shock, ball joints and upper control arms for wear... It is not too hard with a lift and the proper tools, but some shops just replace the whole bucket.