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I'd first ask her to see how much oil she added. If she knows what she's doing, then fine...

if not, its like I tell most women, don't touch anything under the hood or the hood release!

Okay. Yes, motor oil conducts electricity like most other natural oils-even synthetics (I think).

I second the post above. Change the oil ASAP. Then flush it... I'd consider running it for as long as it'll run, then changing the oil again checking the dipstick all in between for oil consistency. I personally would drop the oil pain in between flushes to scrape out whatever comes out (if anything).

I would get it sprayed down. An carwash place should be able to do this for you. Then of course you can start it and run it to see where the leak is coming from if that's the case. With regard to the electrical issues, I really must say that's also my worst fear. It definitely is a short, but your best bet is to follow the traces of oil splatter. Keep in mind that an open oil cap will allow a lot of oil to splash out because of the exposed rocker arms and cam lobes.

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