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Ok....more damage narrowly averted.

Started loosening the power steering pump in order to take the belt off and one of the nuts was seriously tight. Oiled it down and finally got it. then, loosened the other two nuts. movement. How the heck is that pump suppose to loosen to get the belt off??

Then noticed yet ANOTHER belt to get off...the compressor belt...couldn't even begin to see where the bolts were to loosen it...argh!! I was about 30 seconds form calling a flat bed truck.

Decided to try getting that bolt out again. Grabbed my tiny pair of side cutters and was finally able to grab some of the bolt. I saw the bolt turn. 2 minutes later, the bolt is OUT!!

Now, since HomeDepot doesn't deliver, I have to wait for the good woman to get home so I can go pick up some new bolts., I'm in a holding pattern again. More later.
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