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I mean ADS, as in adjustable damper settings and ride heigth. The right rear does not move up and down, other 3 do. I can hear a faint hissing noise from behind the rear seats when heigth is up. I can hear an electronic clicking sound from under the car when driving, but not while stationary. The ride heigth switch does not light up during startup, key position 2 (indicating a system fault?). However when pressed after startup it does light. The adjustable damper setting seems to work fine. Switch lights up at startup.
Now on to ASR. The yellow triangle does not light up at startup, key position 2 (indicating a system fault?), but does flash if I'm rally driving.
Now to ABS. The dash light does not light up anytime (indicating a system fault?). However the car is fitted with non-OEM brake pads with no sensors.
Can you help?
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