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Originally Posted by cliffmac View Post
truth all of the above.....this is why i watch the wifes 1990 300TE like a hawk for everything. i want to make sure that there is no reason for her to go up in there and start trying to add stuff. fuel is ok, as is the rule here; i don't even want to talk about windshield wiper fluid...tell me it's low and i will take care of that right now. you think you need air in the tires? fine..i'll go take of that right now...saves me aggravation in the long run i think....
Same here. My wife does know what to do to add fluids and such....but I keep so on top of it that she never has reason to open the hood. She'll let me know if the low oil level lamp blinks at her....then I go add some. Same for washer fluid etc.... I check it once a week she really never needs to open it up. Which is good. I like being the only person messing around in there.

On a gasser driving with that cap off = Vacuum into engine, aka dirt and air likely sucked in. (unless the motor has some blowby) The M103 doesn't seem to spit out much oil with the cap off.....since the oiling system is kinda self contained in the camshaft....

I'd still be changing that oil right away!!!
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