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i love my car i love the way it drives and it feels like no other car ive ever owned but since ive bought the car ive had so many problems with it and i mean no offense to the 300e name badge i think they are great cars i am probably not like most of the other people on this forum becouse i cant really spend alot of money to fix my car im only 19 years old and dont really make alot of money when i heard about the FORD 02 sensor i was happy to save 120$ becouse thats almost a whole paycheck for me! and its still a bosch o2 sensor almost identical except for the wires to the origional. i never would have bought this mercedes if it werent so cheap i paid 1100$ for it with a few problems that i knew about i am more than happy with the way my car is for the amount of money ive spent on it its got perfect interior and small dings on the exterior but nothing to must understand when i was joining this forum i was very angry with my car becouse of all the money i spent on it but even then i still loved my car and im not good at thinking of names for stuff on the internet it was really just the first thing that popped into my head so again if i offended anyone with my name im very sorry but i am not serious about its meaning and i really appreciate everyones help on this forum
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