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Do yourself a favor and get the part # off the Ford O2 sensor and then the part # off the mercedes one. Compare the voltage ratings for both of them with a sensor supplier- if they are indeed the same ratings then it should be OK - but seeing that the Ford has a different computer system - I doubt that the voltages sent to the computers will be the same. If they are you are lucky and there is something else wrong - If you are unlucky - then you have to get the right part. If cash is a problem - see your friendly bones yard for a used one with a 90 day warranty. You might be able to get it for $40-60 instead of $120 for a new one. Older cars do require repairs - it is a fact of life - ask me ( I too require repairs as I get older!!). Usually - when you get a bargain that is too good to be true - it usually is. People don't normally get rid of a car that does not have something that is wrong with it or is going to have something wrong it. You got a good price for $1100 but you still have to invest a little to tune up your purchase. My daughter is 19 and going to college so I know where you are coming from. You will find that people on this board will try to help you - but please help yourself also - just because the two parts are Bosch - doesn't mean they have the same values. You can get two relays from bosch that look the same on the outside but are different inside for different vehicles - the part numbers will tell the story. So I say again - are they both the same part numbers?? Let's resolve this first then move along to resolving your problem. All the best
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