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Lightbulb New MB tumbler and key!

Get your VIN and Title, take it to your nearest MB Dealer and order a new ignition lock tumbler and key. You will get a brand new key that will fit all your existing locks! That way you won't have to carry two different keys and you'll have the exact perfect cut new key. If you can find a locksmith that can do it, you can have them cut a duplicate from the new key that will be very accurate, it would be fruitless to duplicate a worn key!

Scott, What exactly would the locksmith do in that case, try to cut a new key based on what he was able to determine the original cut heights to have been? Are the cut heights some standard increment? Would you measure the worn key and them cut the new key to a coresponding standard cut and then see if it worked, maybe needing some fine adjustment to make it work?

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