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The trans pan has a drain plug which requires a 5mm allen wrench to remove it. After the fluid is drained, remove the 6 13mm head bolts and remove the pan. Teh filter is secured with 3 phillips screws. be sure to get the srews started straight as they go into aluminum. Do not over tighten the pan after gasket replacement either. The torque converter also has a drain plug in it. The torque converter can be rotated in the direction of engine travel (clock-wise from the front) until the plug is visible through the opening in the bottom of the trans bell housing. Use the same 5mm allen to remove the plug. The torque converter plug is black. Replace the aluminum crush seals with new ones and again, do not overtighten.
Fill with 3 qts ATF and start and enguage drive and reverse. Then add 3 more qts. Enguage again and check and correct fluid level depending on trans temp.
Good luck
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