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Both MB Doc and Metricman (Cool Handle) make very valid points. Loosen the canister after dropping the drain plug. After all drained, I use a "diaper" (bunch of Scott towels) to pull the filter onto when pulling out. After filter removal, clean canister area with more towels.

After "all" warm oil drained, replace Plug and crush ring, pour in some oil (1/2 to3/4 qt.) to canister, replace seals (o-ring and crush washers) on bolt and cap, Slide in filter slowly. Put a little oil on the O-ring(s), Replace canister cap, refill rest of oil to crankcase. Clean Oil fill cap and replace.

Startup. Check pressure, let run for 90 seconds to 2 minutes, shut off and check for leaks.

Everything checks OK, celebrate with favorite refreshment in moderation.

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