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Question Did MB sell me the OEM floor mats??

I ordered a set of floor mats from local MB dealer for my 400E, when I picked them up I felt they were extremely light in weight, didn't feel like MB quality stuff.

When I unpacked them at home, I found them were not made of wool at all, just vinyl, the bottom is just some sort of thin foam, that's why they are so thin and light. I remember last time when I washed floor mats from my Volvo 850, they were so heavy that I could hardly hold them with one hand, now I can hang this set of MB mats with my little finger, they can actually fly in the wind. However they do have stars on them.

I paid $150 Cnd for these ($100 US), for those of you who bought OEM floor mats from MB, did you get the same things? I am trying to convince myself that they are made of some high tech stuff when I drive the car
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