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OK Bob,
The filter is located inside the reservoir/pump, remove the nut and spring out and you can lift it out with a hook or needle nose pliers. It doesn't hurt to suck out the old fluid with whatever you have on hand. Draining the fluid isn't really practical, when removing a hose or steering box I suck out what I can then let the rest flow into a pan. Once I got it all in with none on the floor! Make your repair trying not to get any debris in the exposed lines, and clean up with carb/brake clean. Recheck for leaks!! Also, if doing your power steering hose (pressure hose) make sure it is secured to the frame at all the right spots, and away from the exhaust, the fluid likes to burn (ask Nissan about their vans). Most likely you are doing the return hose, this is a common repair, espicially since the factory clamps do not tighten up enough to stop the leaks--new clamps are a great idea.....