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190e engine re-build HELP!

Hi guys. I am about to re-assemble my 1985 190e 2.3L 8V. I have replaced almost everything inside the engine.. camshaft, valves, rocker arms, seals, rings, bearings, etc. You get the idea.
Now comes the problem. I have a Haynes manual.. and no where in that book does it tell me how to find Top Dead Center for cylinder one. Obviously, I know how to find this, BUT, there doesn't seem to be any info on what position the cam should be in when I am at TDC. Usually there is a blurb about lining up marks or something like that. Can anyone help? I kind of think that the valves for cyl one will be closed at TDC, which will help me in this task. I am just waiting for this info before I re-attach the head and associated parts.

Thanks very much.
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