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Anybody out there have an old benz with rusty tank? My until today, completely reliable '59 190sl is clogged up with small rust particles. I ran out of gas on a date with my sweety (unplanned!) and we just put gas in it and drove home. After a few days I tried to start it but no go. 1st time ever that it wouldn't start. Well I figure when I ran low the dredge in the bottom of the tank got suck up into the lines and then dried while it sat for a few days.

Now whats the easiest way to unclog all this stuff? I've cleaned out the pre-fuel pump filter, but still no flow.

I'm not excited about pulling the tank out unless I have to. What I'm planning on doing is disconnecting the lines by the tank and by the pump and trying to squirt some gas down the lines to wash them out. Any better ideas? Anyone been through this before?