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an OVP question

hello everyone...

Is the OVP a one-time replacement where the original batches of these parts were defective or is it a regular interval replacement much like the O2 sensor?

Reason I ask is the OVP in my '91 300E has a 104 p/n (on my 103 engine) so I assume the original has been replaced.

I had all but ruled out a bad OVP for my car stalling when hot in drive idle or when decelerating hot (not temp hot but after being driven for awhile in stop n go 90 degree TX heat).

That is until a bad OVP may have shown its hand by leaving the ABS light on the last couple of stalls.

Anyone ever heard of replacing this part more than once, or am I just the cursed one?

TIA as always!


'91 300E, 211k miles
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