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I need the gear for the electric sunroof for my '83 240D.

The gear was damaged (pretty much destroyed) due to the sunroof jamming on misaligned and unlubricated slide rails. I've replaced the slide rails and checked out the rest of the system - the teleflex cable is fine, the teleflex tube is fine, the slide rails are fine, the electric motor is fine, and the worm gear on the electric motor is fine. I just need the drive gear.

From what I can tell, there are 2 different versions of the electric motor and gearbox - the version up until 1981, and the one from 1981 and later. Mine is the later style.

I called the local dealership and they say I can't get the gear alone; I have to get the entire motor and gearbox assembly. $330.00!! No thanks. For the older model, I could get the gear by itself, but that won't do me any good either. I'm expecting that this site's parts-shop won't be able to get that part by itself either, since it's supposed to come as a single assembly. (So far I've received no response)

If anyone has an old unused sunroof motor assembly for an 81+ W123 (240D or 300D), maybe the electric motor died or the entire car is a junker, I'd love to hear from you. I'll pay a reasonable price for the gear alone or for the whole assembly if you'd rather not pull it apart for the gear.


- Nathan
'83 240D, 250,000 miles