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brake squeal on new pads/rotors (OE)

I got my front pads and rotors replaced by the dealer yesterday - I have read the previous threads on this forum - so I decided to pay the extra dollar(s!) and get OE pads and rotors (I presume dealers would only use genuine mercedes parts). I was also very clear in telling them that I didn't want my brakes to squeal at all, so do whatever you have to. Well, they didn't squeal at all yesterday when I drove off the dealer lot. But today they squeal sometime - and when they squeal, its VERY loud.

Assuming they are OE pads and rotors, what do you think can be done? Do you think the loud squeal may go away after a while, since these are brand new pads and rotors? I'll watch for another couple of days, otherwise take it back to the dealer.

Thanks. BTW, its a 190E 2.3 (85, 130K)
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