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300E timing chain installation.HELP!

Hi everyone,
Here's my dilemma. My brother and I,mostly my brother are doing the head(valve guides[done by machine shop],seals injectors and seals,chain rails,fan clutch,fan). I also want to change the timing chain since we are at this point(the head is back on[with new head bolts], the rails are on, the injectors are in), he's from the school that the chain won't break. I have over 200k on tne motor. He says I'm being paranoid. I'm from the school of if we're there we might as well change it now do NOT want to get caught out there later and have to pay out my butt for something that should've been done earlier . He's being hardheaded. I ordered the chain and the tensioner, since he won't do it, I figured what the hell, I'll do it myself, the chains right there. Is this a hard change? Can I be walked through this process from you guys on the site? Does this chain have to be marked or lined up or anything like that? You guys haven't let me down before, this is why ask this of you. If this procedure is already in the achives I'll do a searh there.

1986 300E
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