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There are 2 types of systems for using carbs for turbocharging.
1. Draw Through. (Carb is before turbo)
2. Pressurized. (Carb is after turbo compressor)

Sounds like you are #2. You may have to build a box around the carb. this is the pressurize the fuel bowl and also prevent fives from leaking shafts. Maserati did this look at an early non-injected car. Lotus used special Dellorto carbs that had shaft seals a nd a port for pressurizing the fuel bowl. Mikuni made a sidedraft carb also. You can upgrade any Dellorto DHLA carb to do this.
The DGAV is a great carb. but the shafts are not sealed. so be careful. If you need help jetting it let me know. there are a lot of emulsion tubes you can change to for better response.

good luck.
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