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illumination rheostat/dimmer switch

1. Well I guess no one had the time or knows where X6 was located at, and I didnít trace where it went ether it would be to tasking right now.
2. Looking at the wire diagram shows that X6 has many feeds; one is to the radio (main jack, wire #3 gray/blue). I jumped this with the positive side of ashtray lamp (gray/green) and wow I got dash lights!

3. This answered the question, as some of youall might have suspected it was the illumination rheostat/dimmer switch, itís a big job even with my small Thai hands but Iíll go into it soon and see whatís wrong maybe a resolder or a cleaning with an eraser will do the trick, itís already broke so if that doesnít work then I"ll buy a new one. Will let youall know how it turns out.

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