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I meant back in the UK

1. Thanks Gents I forgot to tell you this would be my second time here in the UK I was here early 90’s, but it was a different location (East Anglia at RAF Bentwaters).

2. I only had dealings with the dealer in Ipswich called Lancaster, mostly parts support and some maintenance but not to good of job on that…
3. Now things are a little better with the internet and change in commerce practice, I can order parts from a US dealer and have it posted through our mail systems where it bypass UK customs taxes, big savings!

4. As a world traveler I find that driving on ether side is not that hard for me but if I drive with a right hand steering car is hard because I’m not sure about that left corner of the car…

5. Never had any problems with the British people, I think youall are the nicest people in the world (from my experience) where race is not a big issue. I even married one and also will probably try to retire over here when I’m done.

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