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Thumbs down Rad Fuild Leak, can someone give me a pointer

Hi, Maybe I could get a hand
I have a 4cyl 1986 European 230E, and have a rad leak. Anyway, I've just chnaged both rad and thermostat, (since both needed changing).
Here's my question,I still am leaking fuild when the engine is cold(ie just run for about 1-> 5 min), if the engine is hot, or sitting after being hot, typically I have no leak. So is there a cheveron seal or something in the waterpump that might need changing. Note, all waterpump, and thermostat gaskets have been changed and have no fluid bypass. But when there is a leak, fuild seems to come from behind the waterpump pully.
My question is, can the waterpump be overhauled,
or am I looking at a new one. If so, can anyone
can someone point me in the right direction (price
or rebuild).

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