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When the blower comes on, the compressor seems to come on. When the blower doesn't come on, the compressor doesn't come on. Since the blower only comes on occasionally, I haven't been able to check whether it is on when the blower is working. The air coming out is cooler than the ambient temp. when the blower is working, but the fool thing cuts on and off with no real motivation to do so. This happens when I am in traffic and can't pop the hood.

When the blower ISN'T working, the compressor is not on, and the faster I drive, the more hot air comes out of the defroster vent and the side vents on the dash. I understand that the heater is on by default.

I have checked the fuses and all are okay.

The problem seems to be in the climate control thingie. Blower motors on other cars I have owned have made weird screeching noises or become sluggish when they have decided to go out. This one either blows well, or doesn't. Anyone know where the climate control is? I suspect it is under the dash someplace. It isn't accessible from under the hood, so far as I can tell.